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Grandad & Daphne
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Cupid Wore Skirts By Sam Cree

It tells the story of widower Andrew Coulter, who somehow ends up advertising for a wife and when the ‘suitors’ arrive mayhem ensues. Andrew Coulter lives with his elderly father and son, Brian. His married daughter, Daphne, comes in each day to take care of the men and ensure they are coping. When Daphne becomes pregnant her visits will have to be controlled and she fears for her male relatives’ ability to cope. Andrew's sister in law, the formidable spinster Aunt Harriet, is convinced they will not be able to manage and during a bout of banter with Andrew she makes a wager that he couldn't get a new wife within a week. Andrew advertises for a wife in the forlorn hope that he will win the bet and obtain a solution to his problems. The fun really starts when we meet an array of very different suitors ranging from a ‘sexy' pop wannabe through to a ‘conservative' demure homemade wine connoisseur to a career husband hunter with a family in tow.

The Cast

Character: Played By:
Grandad Coulter Noel Mahon
Daphne Coulter Trina Healy
Brian Coulter Desmond Gilsenan
Aunt Harriet Sharon Cameron
Andrew Coulter Stephen McDonnell
Ingrid Hanson Emily Connor
Gladys Gilmore Brid Quinn
Miss Stanfield Joanne Dean
Ronnie Michael Maguire

The Crew

Director: Vincent McHale
Asst. Director: Mary Mahon
Producer: Breda Morris & Kate Boyle
Stage Manager: Pat Morris
Sound: Martin Bolger
Lighting: Jack, Donal Boyle, Dermot MacMahon
Set Construction: Des Gilsenan, Pat Morris, Breda Morris, Vincent McHale, Kate Boyle
Set Design: Des Gilsenan, Pat Morris, Breda Morris, Vincent McHale, Kate Boyle
Prompters: Nuala O’Hora & Geraldine Murphy
Costumes & Make-Up: Breda Morris & Sarah Reilly
Door: Ann Connor & Sean Kelly
Box Office: Ann Connor
M.C. Nigel Connor
Graphic Design: Jack Boyle
Front of House: Mary Neary, Allanah Morris, Gwen McHale
Video & Photography: Dermot MacMahon
Backstage Catering: Ann Connor & Bridie Brewerton
Runner: Stephen McDonnell jnr


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