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Fortunes & Misfortunes By Jimmy Keary

The story centres on Daisy Fortune, a hard working fifty-something, who is supporting a lazy husband and a good-for-nothing son. She loses her job as a waitress in ‘The Cosy Corner’ after her son, Nathan’s pet lizard ‘Britney’, gets loose in the premises. She gets a job as a housekeeper for Bill and Oonagh Delaney. Oonagh is busy organizing a poetry workshop, which is being held in her home, and has invited renowned poet, Aubrey Peacock to attend. Meanwhile, there is tension in the Delaney’s marriage as a result of Bill’s flirting with Wanda Hunt, the mother of one of his pupils. However, when Nathan’s lizard escapes in the Delaney home and Oonagh’s fruit punch is accidentally laced with alcohol, the workshop turns into a complete disaster and the tension between Oonagh and Wanda finally explodes, add to the mix a dancing priest and you have all the ingredients for a superbly hilarious comedy.

The Cast

Character: Played By:
Daisy Fortune Trina Healy
Gloria Harte Sharon Cameron
Wanda Hunt Brid Quinn
Gina Berry Emily Connor
Fr. McCabe Richard Wynne
Nathan Fortune* Daniel Donnelly
Bill Delaney Desmond Gilsenan
Oonagh Delaney Pauline Barrett
Hilary Swan Joanne Dean
Aubrey Peacock Michael Maguire
Photographer Agnes Finnerty
Understudies Agnes Finnerty, Ann Timothy, Anna Barza
* The role of Nathan Fortune was played by Ethan Jordan for the 3 night run in the Royal Theatre.

The Crew:

Director:* Vincent McHale
Asst. Director: Breda Morris
Producer: Breda Morris
Stage Manager: Pat Morris
Sound: Martin Bolger
Lighting: Donal Boyle
Set Construction: Des Gilsenan, Pat Morris, Breda Morris, Vincent McHale
Set Design: Breda Morris
Prompters: Nuala O’Hora & Attracta Foy
Hair & Make-Up Breda Morris, Joanne Dean, Agnes Finnerty, Debra Duffy
Door: Ann Connor & Sean Kelly
Box Office: Ann Connor
M.C. Stephen McDonnell
Wardrobe: Ann Donnelly
Front of House: Kate Boyle, Mary Neary & Mary Mahon
Transport: Mark Dean, Simon Dey, Eddie Pierik
Backstage Catering: Ann Connor & Bridie Brewerton
Runner: Allanah Morris

* The play was directed by Brid Quinn for the 3 night run in the Royal Theatre.


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