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Action shot from Pretend Sick
Action shot from Pretend Sick
Action shot from Pretend Sick
Action shot from Pretend Sick
Action Shot From Pretend Sick
Action Shot From Pretend Sick

Pretend Sick By Michael Joe Ginnelly


The action takes place in Katie’s Living Room. Katie is mother of Mary & Sean and she is a manipulative and cunning woman. Katie pretends to be sick in a bid to keep Mary at home. Mary is very much dominated by her mother but might very well cope with this if only Martin, whom she is courting, was more spontaneous and less of a wimp. Sean is rough and self centred, yet molly-coddled by both Mary and his mother. Matt the English tourist in contrast to Martin is educated, confident and likeable but complicates the lives of Sean & Mary. Colour and fun are added in the form of newly weds Tracey & Jack who live next door. More fun and excitement are added when Sean brings home his drinking buddies Joe & Mick along with two dolly birds - Marion & Samantha.

The Cast:

Character: Played By:
Katie Mary Mahon
Mary Brid Quinn
Sean Noel Mahon
Matt Stephen McDonnell
Martin Michael Maguire
Tracey Ann Donnelly
Jack Mark Dean
Mick Anthony Roache
Joe John Rowland
Marian Sarah Padden
Samantha Joanne Dean

The Crew:

Director: Dermot MacMahon
Producers: Breda Morris & Kate Boyle
Sound: Martin Bolger & Paddy Kelly
Lighting: Jack Boyle, Daniel Donnelly & Daniel Roache
Set Construction: Pat Morris, Donal Boyle, Stephen Boyle
Set Design: Pat Morris, Breda Morris, Stephen Boyle, Kate Boyle
Prompters: Geraldine Murphy & Nuala O’Hora
Make-Up & Wardrobe: Breda Morris & Sarah Reilly
Seamstress: Evelyn McHale Ackerman
Door: Sean Kelly
Backstage Catering: Linda Reilly & Sarah Reilly
M.C. Sean Donaghue
Programmes & Tickets: Jack Boyle

Ushers: Josie McHale, Simon Talbot, Sarah Talbot, Linda Reilly, Niamh McDonnell, Allanah Morris, Sarah Callaghan, Caoimhe Mahon, Joan Kilbane, Noreen Quinn, Jayne Roache, Sarah Roache, Rebecca Comer, Grace Lynch, Cian Mahon, Niamh Donnelly


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